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Reign VMX

One Foot in the Past, the Other in the Present:

We're not remaking vintage gear, we're reinterpreting it. Old school looks with new school materials and techniques means you get the look of “back in the day” with the ease of just throwing them in the washing machine. Wherever we can, we add thoughtful features that add to both comfort and utility.

It’s a Matter of Taste

Sure, our gear is meant to appeal to the vintage enthusiast, but we don’t think it stops there. To be honest, one reason we started Reign was because we didn’t see what we wanted to wear being offered. In fact, a lot of the current designs from the major manufacturers we feel are just flat-out ugly… the ultra-graphic superhero/ kid’s footsie pajama look just isn’t our thing. We design our gear so you’ll look really put together, but in a clean, classic way.

David in a World of Goliaths

We are a small, enthusiast-owned company, making gear to our own standards. We don’t have to compromise a design or materials to hit a price-point goal to please any stockholders. You can call us with questions, and get straight, detailed answers. The kind of “Mom and Pop” feel you don’t get much anymore.